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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Flash Bomba at Dolphy Theatre ABS-CBN =]

Another great invite from ABC-CBN peeps is from Mars Ravelo's classics. The last installment to the league of superheroes "Isang Lakas", ABS-CBN presents Lucky Manzano as Flash Bomba..set to sail on Prime Time Bida this February!

This “Superhero for all Seasons” is a crime fighter who loves the limelight, has his fans day..everything to fuel the his big ego! With large hands and feet, he's a superhero extraordinaire indeed!

Luis or fondly called "Lucky", is the son of the Star for all Seasons, the present Batangas Governor Vilma Santos-Recto..who also portrayed Darna, his girlfriend Angel Locsin also donned the Darna costume after a few decades and his dad Edu Manzano caped around as Captain Barbel..such a big coincidence all Mars Ravelo conceived.

This is another must watch tv series because for one as I've observed, the prosthetics used for the hands and feet are really uber khuel! Truly the ABS-CBN peeps do their homework and give their best to ensure quality entertainment.

ABS-CBN never cease to amaze..Cheers! =]

*invites credits: ABS-CBN and flowell galindez =]

*photo credits: itchyfeetpinay, pinayads.com, adaphobic and azrael'smerryland =]

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