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Monday, December 22, 2008

"One Night Only" red carpet premiere =]

It all happened in one night.

Free-spirited and money hungry Jasmine (Katrina Halili) was all set to leave for Hong Kong with her new Chinese lover when her Congressman-benefactor Facundo (Ricky Davao) decided to have his return of investment. Forced to comply with a rather angry lawmaker, Jasmine had no other choice but to give in to the demands of this hot-blooded sponsor lest she be exposed for her frivolities.

Meanwhile, in a movie set, hunk actor Diego (Paolo Contis) was wrestling with a major issue involving a reporter named Meliton (Ogie Diaz) whom he beat up when the latter exposed his shady past. But this was really beyond Diego’s concerns for he had his eyes set on one of the talents on his set, a naive looking extra named Angela (Alessandra de Rossi). As he was manipulating events to get this girl in bed, he remained in touch with his best friend, Pons (Jon Avila).

Pons was a stud who worked as an advertising executive. And he too wanted to bed Vicky (Valerie Concepcion), a girl he met in Boracay. After spending so much on Vicky when they met on vacation, Pons realized that he was short-changed when she passed out on him. Unknown to the man, another girl-–Vivian (Diana Zubiri), a friend of Jasmine, was feeling guilty because she did not give in to the demands of Pons the night before when they went out on a date. So now she was determined to make appropriate amends.

The gay hairdresser of Facundo’s wife, Inday, was equally excited that day. Edward (Chokoleit) was a flamboyant beautician who was finally having his moment of truth with a man whom he has been taking care of for the past months. Edward mas madly in love with Nestor (Joross Gamboa) and this was the night that he will propose to him.

On the set where Diego was trying to get into the pants of Angela, the supervisor of the talents was a bull dyke named George (Manilyn Reynes). She was carrying on an affair with the make-up artist named Elvie (Jennylyn Mercado). Elvie, who happens to be the cousin of Vicky, wanted to end this relationship because she wanted to live a normal life. And this sent the lesbian’s world crashing.

Because of certain twists and turns and circumstances, all these characters ended up in the same motel called Lover’s Hideaway.

What happened was a night of chaos and confusion. What transpired for the next twelve hours ..will forever be traumatic!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Grade A for “Dayo sa Mundo ng Elementalia” by the Cinema Evaluation Board!♥ =]

“Dayo sa Mundo ng Elementalia,” the Philippines’ first all-digital, full-length animated film entry to the 34th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), has received a grade of A from the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB) when it was reviewed yesterday (Dec. 18), a day prior to its red carpet premiere at SM Megamall Cinema 10. This merits a 100 percent rebate on amusement tax for the animated feature produced by Cutting Edge Productions.

The CEB, which operates under the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), grants tax rebates to well-crafted local films.

“Dayo,” which is also being endorsed by the Department of Education (DepEd) and the National Council for Children’s Television (NCCT), follows the adventure of Bubuy (voiced by Nash Aguas), an 11-year-old boy from Antipolo, who takes on a journey to save his beloved grandparents abducted into Elementalia—a fantasy land thriving with strange flora and fauna and home to several enchanted creatures of Philippine mythology.

Bubuy meets Anna (voiced by Katrina Legaspi), a young and energetic manananggal (a winged creature that can separate her torso from her lower body) with a special fondness for all things human, except to eat them. The two live out an adventure full of wild, will-testing and comical experiences all over Elementalia—from an enormous lake heaving with gravity-defying merfolk to the breathtaking crystal cave dwelled by colorful alitubi (a cross between a firefly and dragonfly) to a magnificent old tree that is home to a motherly kapre (a sort of big ogre who lives on trees and smokes cigars) and finally to a majestic mountain protected by a big pack of hungry aswangs (shape-shifting creatures).

"Dayo" is a hybrid product of combining 2D and 3D animation, powered by Toon Boom using Macintosh and Linux platforms. 2D animation is used for the characters while 3D animation is used for the backgrounds especially for the big scenes.

At an estimated production budget of USD 1.3 million, “Dayo” is produced in Dolby 7.1 surround sound. The team behind “Dayo,” led by its executive producer Jessie Lasaten and director Robert Quilao, has collaborated with Technicolor in Thailand for its post- production.

The soundtrack of “Dayo” highlights the world-renowned Filipino performer Lea Salonga of her rendition of the movie theme song “Lipad.” Her performance and the entire musical score by Lasaten were recorded together with the FILharmoniKA under the baton of Gerard Salonga.

Apart from Aguas and Legaspi, the film features the voices of Pokwang (Vicky), Michael V (Narsi), Noel Trinidad (Lolo Meong), Nova Villa (Lola Nita), Johnny Delgado (Carpio), Peque Gallaga (Nano), Laurice Guillen (Diwata/Bruha), Gabe Mercado (Jo) and Pocholo Gonzales (Toti). Temi Abad, Jr. and Eric Cabahug team up for its screenplay.

The film is rated G or GP (General Patronage) by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).

“Dayo” supports the Cancer Warrior Foundation as its beneficiary.

For more information, log on to www.dayomovie.com

“Dayo sa Mundo ng Elementalia,” an official entry to the 34th MMFF, is co-presented by Frootees, Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog and Mister Donut. The film is also supported by Ascorbic Acid Ceelin, Crispy Fry Breading Mix, Enervon Bright Brand, Timezone, FUJI YKL, Inquirer.net, Yehey.com, ClicktheCity.com, MTV Philippines, Animation Council of the Philippines, Toon Boom, Wacom, Woodpecker Studio, iAcademy and New Media.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

DOT-MTV and Christine Gambito aka Happy Slip casual dinner at Alchemy =]

Accidental invite from Sir Jonas Diego and Yehey.com peeps..casual dindin at Alchemy..Kel awed them with his magic wehehe and OMG am his "manager" or more like "overprotective agent" ahahaha! {super err, uhm..hala!} =]

Department of Tourism and MTV has tied-up together with Christine Gambito aka Happy Slip in focusing not only the finest places in the Philippines but also our musically enriched culture.

From February 2009 'til the uber khuel "RockApelago" in November 2009 DOT, MTV and Happy Slip will be in and around our country bursting with events, promos, etc.

What else can I say but let's party hearty and "Don't Forget Your Happy Slip!"

Cheers!♥ =]

photo credits: laszlo and carl v. *uber tnxies! =]

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Az videoblog w/ Moymoy Palaboy..niepal me sa back lagi..meh! =]


Tech Shopping Takes on New Life at CYBERZONE XP, Mall of Asia =]

Tech Shopping Takes on New Life at CYBERZONE XP: A Gaming XPerience, Then & Now..

One E-Com, Mall of Asia Complex – Cyberzone takes computer gaming out of the box and into your world as it looks back on the past and present of computer gaming technology with a thrilling life-size representation of popular games in “Cyberzone XP: A Gaming XPerience,” a free exhibit featuring the world famous F1 Ferrari replica and a display of various vintage gaming consoles.

Select spaces in the modern Cyberzone at One E-Com Center were transformed into a veritable world of sorts—from the combative field of soldiers in camouflage, to the medieval age of knights; from the mystical realm of creatures, to the tough arena of athletes. Visitors at the “Cyberzone XP” can take great pleasure in viewing the variety of characters that represent the sometimes all-too real figures on games from December 14 to January 14. The highlight, and absolute favorite area from shoppers is the impressive F1 Ferrari replica set-up. The exhibit also features select vintage consoles that evoke an era when 3D graphics and challenging gameplay were at its infancy; and player options such as multiple online matches and role-playing preferences were but mere ideas.

Cyberzone is your ideal one-stop-hub for licensed consumer products on digital media, mobile communication, gaming, accessories, and a host of other technologically related must-have items. Housed inside the IT center of the Mall of Asia Complex, One E-Com, Cyberzone is in the thick of the stylish and tech savvy community. The variety and top-quality tech brands make Cyberzone the chief choice for tech shopping, while the coffeeshops and internet outlet give rise to its convenience. With technology headed towards supremely lifestyle aspirations and grander advancements, Cyberzone at One E-Com follows suit with exciting and innovative plans for the year to come.

For more on Cyberzone’s “life-size” plans, please contact Cyberzone Marketing Manager Jay Aranas @ 0906-436-4953.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yehey.com Pop Pinoyan Party =]

Meet up at Gateway and then the search for the party place which was Grilla Bar in Kalayaan, Ayala Ave. Makati w/ Kel, Ada and Gab..uber sowee to Brian coz we were supposed to pick him up at Rockwell but got lost..long story..

Uber Khuel party with lotsa food, brewskies and OMG bands like flicker fusion, low techs, the hooligans, letter day stories and ROOTS OF NATURE..hosted by Juddah!

Moi and Lace in our kyootie frocks..meh! Kel showed his awesome fork-bending magic and won the cellphone grand price. Oh just look at the pics! Cheers!♥ =]

photo credits: ada, azrael, carl and laszlo..tnxies mucho! =]

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cyberzone XP..latest techie hub to beat =]

Exclusive invite to preview Cyberzone at E-Com Center SM MOA..the latest teachie, telecom, electronics, gadgets and gaming hub in Metro Manila. Briefing at the corner Blenz Cafe..uber delish Green Tea Coffee while Ms. Annie gave us a primer coz the media launch will be in a few days. Afterwards we had pics with the soldiers outside E-Com Center, hopped to the bay side to catch the sunset for posterity's sake. Cheers..indeed =]