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Monday, December 22, 2008

"One Night Only" red carpet premiere =]

It all happened in one night.

Free-spirited and money hungry Jasmine (Katrina Halili) was all set to leave for Hong Kong with her new Chinese lover when her Congressman-benefactor Facundo (Ricky Davao) decided to have his return of investment. Forced to comply with a rather angry lawmaker, Jasmine had no other choice but to give in to the demands of this hot-blooded sponsor lest she be exposed for her frivolities.

Meanwhile, in a movie set, hunk actor Diego (Paolo Contis) was wrestling with a major issue involving a reporter named Meliton (Ogie Diaz) whom he beat up when the latter exposed his shady past. But this was really beyond Diego’s concerns for he had his eyes set on one of the talents on his set, a naive looking extra named Angela (Alessandra de Rossi). As he was manipulating events to get this girl in bed, he remained in touch with his best friend, Pons (Jon Avila).

Pons was a stud who worked as an advertising executive. And he too wanted to bed Vicky (Valerie Concepcion), a girl he met in Boracay. After spending so much on Vicky when they met on vacation, Pons realized that he was short-changed when she passed out on him. Unknown to the man, another girl-–Vivian (Diana Zubiri), a friend of Jasmine, was feeling guilty because she did not give in to the demands of Pons the night before when they went out on a date. So now she was determined to make appropriate amends.

The gay hairdresser of Facundo’s wife, Inday, was equally excited that day. Edward (Chokoleit) was a flamboyant beautician who was finally having his moment of truth with a man whom he has been taking care of for the past months. Edward mas madly in love with Nestor (Joross Gamboa) and this was the night that he will propose to him.

On the set where Diego was trying to get into the pants of Angela, the supervisor of the talents was a bull dyke named George (Manilyn Reynes). She was carrying on an affair with the make-up artist named Elvie (Jennylyn Mercado). Elvie, who happens to be the cousin of Vicky, wanted to end this relationship because she wanted to live a normal life. And this sent the lesbian’s world crashing.

Because of certain twists and turns and circumstances, all these characters ended up in the same motel called Lover’s Hideaway.

What happened was a night of chaos and confusion. What transpired for the next twelve hours ..will forever be traumatic!

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