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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In the "Mafia" =]

Different interpretations..are they called "mafia" because they belong to the A and B crowd? Or because they are the "preferred" ones invited to per se to anywhere, anytime or any place? Or are they the so-called "VIP's" who won't shove nor smile unless their standards are met?

On the first note, well they do exist in primarily because of their nature. For example if they are into stocks trading and finance, politics, etc. The updated on so-called issues of national interest, expensive hobbyists or just plain the common folk or "masa" are not really into.

On second ground, like events, launchings, premieres, etc. they are on the A-list primarily because of the proliferation and change in media advertising and/or the shift from the newspaper/tv/radio info dissemination. I know most entertainment writers/reporters are now into blogging as well mostly on multiplty, facebook, their respective tv networks and/or personal site/s.

On the last interpretation, they do exist also because advertisers are now monitoring the big change in the popularity/media industry and they keep tabs on the most viewed/commented personalitie/sites. After all, multimedia also extends to the internet in this day and age. They have a certain air of confidence in them for the fact that they are the shiznits when it comes to their respective fields.

If the interpretation is on the negative, well there are "mafia" members whom reveer themselves and will not allow access, grant interviews nor attend events if the venue is so-so, no particular dress code, no advance info/fillers thru email or snail mail, if its not a big deal event so to speak, etc. Its all a matter of self-assessment which everyone is entitled to. Just hope they leave the egoistic and negative comments if such "mafia" members are not that receptive to such "exclusives" or "scoops" gathering endeavours of yours.

For the most part, after almost a year of meeting presumed people and concurrently attending a cornucopia of events..oh, okay also the chats, emails and plurks..all I can say is that I have seen the facets of each of them. Being "mafia" member per se does not make a person good or bad. Its just an attitude thing again based on how they themselves or other people assess as them.

I remember my press/media mentor Mrs. Conchita Sambile's quote or its a cliche actually, "Good or bad publicity is still..publicity." Anything good will always come with a bad side its human nature, the yin and yang..like if you shoot up to stardom like a rocket ship so will people expectedly get tired and look for the negatives..the "backlash" so to speak."

I maintain my stance that here's no use avoiding such an issue because it is inevitable. It all boils down to "attitude" towards your colleagues, your students, your family, your chosen organization or fraternity/sorority, the advertising/media people, fellow bloggers/photographers and practically the mass as well. Short of being a "rockstar" syndrome of sorts. Being a "mafia" member invites gives a certain "high" and I for one have been very vocal that such brainstorming, projects, activities, events, etc. chase my blues away or kick the stress out of a mundane life with no fail. And why won't you if you are in our shoes, the perks are glorious for words..an experience to be taken as blessings and not to go to your noggins "hydrocephallus syndrome" of some conceited over hyped jerks.

At the end of the day, beeing called a "mafia" member for me means I am with the right people, the people-in-the-know, the mentors, the movers and shakers if you will..and as far as I have experienced the so-called "mafia" I'm in are comprised of those whom are the most timid, outspoken but fascinatingly uber khuel OMG people I've evr met. *sowee fangurl mode ahihihi.

They've ingrained to keep constant progress, study/learning..change..to know your game, your craft, your intellectual and the ever effective physical/face value and be moved by an immense passion.

But most of all, I'm blessed because they are my friends. Cheers =]

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