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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bravehearts Shoot Against Cervical Cancer =]

*invite credits: Bravehearts, Cervical Cancer Prevention Network, Cancer Institute Foundation, Inc. and Armscor Shooting Range
*photo credits: pinayads.com

Last February 21, 2009 we were invited by Bravehearts for a seminar on cervical cancer awareness and prevention. The talk was led by Dra. Rebecca B. Singson whom have just arrived from Spain. After the very inspiring and educational seminar, we were brought to Armscor Shooting Range to take part in a shooters competition. An activity which represents the fight to eradicate cervical cancer.

Truly every woman in the Philippines should be well-informed about the fight against servical cancer, that it can be detected earlier, it is treatable and most importantly there is a vaccine which lasts for at least a very positive number of years. I urge everyone not only women, to spread the word and help us in the fight against cervical cancer.

Cheers! =]

*Bravehearts is a multi-sectoral coalition led by the Cervical Cancer Prevention Network [CECAP] and the Cancer Institute Foundation, Inc. [CIF], dedicated to raising awareness on cervical cancer prevention. It is currently supported by a growing number of women including prominent personalities such as Sen. Loren Legarda, Rina Jimenez-David, Ellen Tordesillas, Atty. Gaby Concepcion, and Suzi Entrata.

*Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide, with 500,000 new cases and 250,000 deaths reported each year. Over 80 percent of cases occur in developing countries including the Philippines, where it is ranked as the second most common cancer afflicting Filipino women. Yet few women realize that cervical cancer is actually treatable if diagnosed early.

*One of the primary goals of CECAP is to fund cervical cancer screenings throughout the Philippines by using the Single Visit Approach [SVA], on-the-spot treatment through cryotheraphy and vaccination.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kaibigan ng PCSO =]

Indeed an honour to be invited to Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office's 75th Anniversary Celebration. Bloggers were recognized and tapped as part of their Kaibigan ng PCSO program. Events with a cause really makes blogging worthwhile and hopefully a lot of people will follow suit.

Kaibigan ng PCSO is a program that will be pursued through the leadership of the PCSO office to systematize and rationalize the sourcing of volunteer individuals and organizations in partnership with the private sector to advance the charity agency's health mandate. By establishing sustainable networks and linkages that will continously recruit medical and health volunteers as well as generate additional resources, the program will be able to expand the reach of PCSO services that immediately address health concerns of needy Filipinos.

Kaibigan ng PCSO will recsruit and organize volunteers at the provincial, municipal, city and barangay levels, using primarily the organizational reach of PCSO, the country's premier charity agency.

All card-carrying members of Kaibigan ng PCSO will have the chance to be given the special PCSO Health Card that puts you on the priority list for those seeking financial assistance for hospitalization and medical support.

*invite credits: Philippine Cahrity Sweepstakes Office and Yehey.com

*photo credits: Azrael Coladilla

Thursday, February 19, 2009

SMB Babad and Ipanema Slippers..events aftermath at Krispy Kreme! =]

SMB Babad Summer Events Launch [SMB Bldg., Ortigas Center]
Ipanema Slippers Giselle Bundschen Collection [Le Souffle, The Fort]

*invite credits: SMB and Juned Sonido
*photo credits: Azrael Coladilla

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bizu Patisserie..an uber late post but khuel experience! =]

*This post was left in the draft and I thought it was published already..oh well, better late than never right?

T'was almost three weeks ago that I've been raving/craving for chocolates online and one of those fave dessert places which moi sis and I really enjoy is Bizu Patisserie. Online buddy Paul Pajo saw my posts and lo and behold..Bizu has a Valentine's promo! So Aaron Tanco via Paul invited me and a few friends to an impromptu blogger's merienda at their Greenbelt branch.

Needless to say everyone who came albeit late got a really yummy surprise! We started w/ a few pasta dishes [must try also] , appetizers [fit to share] and then came the piece d' resistance..Desire Choco Cake, Strawberry Shortcake and of course the all time fave Macaroons/Macarons [coz the double "o" has a different meaning /different dessert in French]. Aaron Tanco was uber khuel with moi questions of how they keep their croquettes moist on the inside and crunchy but not oily on the outside, how they incorporate the pomegranates into the macaroons/macarons, how they procure real Baguio strawberries for the shortcake, etc.

Anyhoo, the pictures will say almost everything..but 'tis better to experience it yourselves. Their goodies are to savour most definitely with their fresh brewed coffee, own blend of tea or their assortment of fresh fruit shakes. Why not bring home their goodies to share as gifts or as an emergency stash for those midnight cravings..at any rate I'll vouch you peeps will get hooked too!

Enough said..besos-besos-bizu! Cheers! =]

*invite credits: aaron tanco via paul pajo

*photo credits: pinayads.com

Monday, February 16, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic advance screening =]

Nuffnang had an uber khuel contest..blogger friends had the time to make an entry while I had to rush contracts, schedules and deal with asthma coz of the darn weather meh! After all, Ayala Mall digital gift cards, exclusive premium items and a chance to win a really exclusive Gucci bag were at stake! They awarded the prizes at one of moi and moi sister's breakfast menu faves, Heaven n' Eggs Glorietta 4..which now has a new chic look apart from its original country style interiors few months back or was it a year ago hehe!

After finally knowing who won the sought-after Gucci bag, we headed off upstairs to Cinema 2 to watch the much-awaited chick flick. I must say, it really surprized me. Its just like Legally Blonde but that referred to law..this referred to finances in general. Its a must see movie not just for shopaholics, but for peeps whom have financial/credit card debts, "addiction" in this case to shopping, plus of course the really LOL moments.

So, "I'm Sire..and I'm a shopaholic!" [meh!]

*Uber tnxies to Joriben Zaballa who tagged me along for the ride.
*photo credits: azrael coladilla

Cheers! =]

Friday, February 13, 2009

Kuya Bunso..a short film by Mica Rodriguez =]

There is no such thing as "coincidence". We meet people simply because of certain reasons..a purpose. Mica Rodriguez as well as the cast of Kuya Bunso are my dear friends in the blogging community, have united to fulfill Mica's vision and passion to make a film about autism. She has dear Carlo, her baby brother as inspiration..and most if not the entirety of the film is based on her life with Carlo.

I for one have a nephew here in Manila and another in Australia in the same condition. It takes a lot of patience, effort, understanding..real sacrifices when it comes to having a relative with autism. And the misconceptions of other people here in our country adds more to the challenge.

It took only two days to finish the shoot..no hassles, almost all one-takes only..unspoken support among everyone. I cannot wait for other people to see this truly independent film because in just a few words, actions, minutes..you'll understand the real plight of the people whom we cannot understand as of yet, those who are oblivious about the real world..the Kuya Bunsos's in our lives as well as the people who unconditionally love them.


Mica Rodriguez http://missingcarlo.filblogs.com

Luis Buenaventura http://www.guttervomit.com


Winston Almendras http://www.batangyagit.com
*photo credits: ada lajara, carl valenzona and ed arevalo

Thursday, February 12, 2009

For the Children: Samsung Hope =]

SAMSUNG brings hope to underprivileged kids with launch of New Philanthropic Initiative.

  • Samsung Hope pledges record US$700,000 to 21 children beneficiaries across Southeast Asia and Oceania.
  • Program aims to raise social awareness by empowering local communities to decide grant allocation.

Three deserving beneficiaries that have made significant contributions in addressing children’s issues were identified in each of the seven markets that Samsung operates in across the region. Information on the beneficiaries is uploaded on the Samsung Hope microsite (samsunghope.org), where everyone can support their favorite beneficiary by pledging to let hope take off. Each beneficiary will receive a base amount with an additional grant to be determined by the number of pledges it receives.

Samsung Hope

In the Philippines the Filipino community can on their personal capacity donate directly to the foundations if they so desire by using paypal or a card of their choice. This will also be available in the microsite.

The three local beneficiaries identified by Samsung Electronics Philippines are:

How can you help?

1. Visit samsunghope.org and Add your Pledge.
2. Click the red Arrow and look for Philippines.
3. Now Select which Foundation (beneficiaries) you want to give pledge.
4. Just follow where it takes you, until the balloon appears to carry your pledge.
5. Spread this blogpost.

By just voting which Foundation you want to give pledge, you are already helping. Spread the news and let more people help.

Join Samsung Hope Philippines in Facebook.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gran Torino..of life and death! =]

Dirty Harry flicks are one of my father's fave [aside from Chuck Norris]..heck, he even looked like Clint Eastwood [w/ glasses] hehe. He took time to watch even if he was abroad. So needless to say am also a big fan of the actor, the director..the man.

The story is poignant and its poetic ending is bittersweet..serves all the questions and much more. A must watch flick bursting w/ not just action..it makes you ponder about life and death. I for one will definitely grab a copy of its dvd for moi collection.


*more at: www.yourmajestysire.blogspot.com
*photo credits: azrael coladilla