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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bizu Patisserie..an uber late post but khuel experience! =]

*This post was left in the draft and I thought it was published already..oh well, better late than never right?

T'was almost three weeks ago that I've been raving/craving for chocolates online and one of those fave dessert places which moi sis and I really enjoy is Bizu Patisserie. Online buddy Paul Pajo saw my posts and lo and behold..Bizu has a Valentine's promo! So Aaron Tanco via Paul invited me and a few friends to an impromptu blogger's merienda at their Greenbelt branch.

Needless to say everyone who came albeit late got a really yummy surprise! We started w/ a few pasta dishes [must try also] , appetizers [fit to share] and then came the piece d' resistance..Desire Choco Cake, Strawberry Shortcake and of course the all time fave Macaroons/Macarons [coz the double "o" has a different meaning /different dessert in French]. Aaron Tanco was uber khuel with moi questions of how they keep their croquettes moist on the inside and crunchy but not oily on the outside, how they incorporate the pomegranates into the macaroons/macarons, how they procure real Baguio strawberries for the shortcake, etc.

Anyhoo, the pictures will say almost everything..but 'tis better to experience it yourselves. Their goodies are to savour most definitely with their fresh brewed coffee, own blend of tea or their assortment of fresh fruit shakes. Why not bring home their goodies to share as gifts or as an emergency stash for those midnight cravings..at any rate I'll vouch you peeps will get hooked too!

Enough said..besos-besos-bizu! Cheers! =]

*invite credits: aaron tanco via paul pajo

*photo credits: pinayads.com

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Abbie said...

haha. may picture pa kayo sa yumyum. :)