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Monday, February 16, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic advance screening =]

Nuffnang had an uber khuel contest..blogger friends had the time to make an entry while I had to rush contracts, schedules and deal with asthma coz of the darn weather meh! After all, Ayala Mall digital gift cards, exclusive premium items and a chance to win a really exclusive Gucci bag were at stake! They awarded the prizes at one of moi and moi sister's breakfast menu faves, Heaven n' Eggs Glorietta 4..which now has a new chic look apart from its original country style interiors few months back or was it a year ago hehe!

After finally knowing who won the sought-after Gucci bag, we headed off upstairs to Cinema 2 to watch the much-awaited chick flick. I must say, it really surprized me. Its just like Legally Blonde but that referred to law..this referred to finances in general. Its a must see movie not just for shopaholics, but for peeps whom have financial/credit card debts, "addiction" in this case to shopping, plus of course the really LOL moments.

So, "I'm Sire..and I'm a shopaholic!" [meh!]

*Uber tnxies to Joriben Zaballa who tagged me along for the ride.
*photo credits: azrael coladilla

Cheers! =]

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