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Thursday, December 18, 2008

DOT-MTV and Christine Gambito aka Happy Slip casual dinner at Alchemy =]

Accidental invite from Sir Jonas Diego and Yehey.com peeps..casual dindin at Alchemy..Kel awed them with his magic wehehe and OMG am his "manager" or more like "overprotective agent" ahahaha! {super err, uhm..hala!} =]

Department of Tourism and MTV has tied-up together with Christine Gambito aka Happy Slip in focusing not only the finest places in the Philippines but also our musically enriched culture.

From February 2009 'til the uber khuel "RockApelago" in November 2009 DOT, MTV and Happy Slip will be in and around our country bursting with events, promos, etc.

What else can I say but let's party hearty and "Don't Forget Your Happy Slip!"

Cheers!♥ =]

photo credits: laszlo and carl v. *uber tnxies! =]

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