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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tech Shopping Takes on New Life at CYBERZONE XP, Mall of Asia =]

Tech Shopping Takes on New Life at CYBERZONE XP: A Gaming XPerience, Then & Now..

One E-Com, Mall of Asia Complex – Cyberzone takes computer gaming out of the box and into your world as it looks back on the past and present of computer gaming technology with a thrilling life-size representation of popular games in “Cyberzone XP: A Gaming XPerience,” a free exhibit featuring the world famous F1 Ferrari replica and a display of various vintage gaming consoles.

Select spaces in the modern Cyberzone at One E-Com Center were transformed into a veritable world of sorts—from the combative field of soldiers in camouflage, to the medieval age of knights; from the mystical realm of creatures, to the tough arena of athletes. Visitors at the “Cyberzone XP” can take great pleasure in viewing the variety of characters that represent the sometimes all-too real figures on games from December 14 to January 14. The highlight, and absolute favorite area from shoppers is the impressive F1 Ferrari replica set-up. The exhibit also features select vintage consoles that evoke an era when 3D graphics and challenging gameplay were at its infancy; and player options such as multiple online matches and role-playing preferences were but mere ideas.

Cyberzone is your ideal one-stop-hub for licensed consumer products on digital media, mobile communication, gaming, accessories, and a host of other technologically related must-have items. Housed inside the IT center of the Mall of Asia Complex, One E-Com, Cyberzone is in the thick of the stylish and tech savvy community. The variety and top-quality tech brands make Cyberzone the chief choice for tech shopping, while the coffeeshops and internet outlet give rise to its convenience. With technology headed towards supremely lifestyle aspirations and grander advancements, Cyberzone at One E-Com follows suit with exciting and innovative plans for the year to come.

For more on Cyberzone’s “life-size” plans, please contact Cyberzone Marketing Manager Jay Aranas @ 0906-436-4953.

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