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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Bacchanalian Feast at SuperBowl of China Trinoma =]

Got this uber khuel foodie invite from yehey.com and SuperBowl of China to a bacchanalian feast of authentic food freshly cooked and served hot off the flaming steamy woks!

While waiting for our turns we made our own superbowls w/ a bit of glits and markers haha knew it there's a price for the best bowl! Then were toured to the kitchen wherein the master chef showed us how to whip up a feast in less than a shake and a wiggle. And after that of course was the food tasting.

The food was a gastronomic delight and overflowing. Moi faves are the pickled spicy jellyfish from the assorted platter and the spicy chicken.. yeah, me likes it hot! We were also given take home treats of xmas and chicken ham oh the perks woot!

Anyhoo, enjoy the pics..better yet, drop by their Trinoma branch located at the ground floor.

Cheers! =]

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