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Monday, April 27, 2009

Sen. Mar Roxas and Ms. Korina Sanchez confirms their engagement =]

*invite credits: Sen. Mar Roxas and Staff; Yehey.com; Mr. Willie Revillame, the show's Exec. Producer and the Staff of Wowowee
*photo credits: pinayads.com

As sheer luck would have it on a last minute notice, two of my blogger friends Iris, Bobby and I, witnessed Sen. Mar Roxas and Ms. Korina Sanchez's live confirmation of their engagement on Wowowee.

Ms. Korina was set to be Mr. Willie's host for a segment wherein Sen. Mar donated "padyaks" as prices. Surprize! The Senator arrived and the gameshow was instantly, temporarily transformed into a talk show.

When Mr. Willie Revillame asked how Sen. Mar proposed the latter was happy to oblige. While he was restating the most important part..tears started rolling..tears of utter joy for sure! Ms. Korina wiped the tears off Sen. Mar's face and may I say be it cheesy for others but that moment was "priceless."

When will the wedding be? Maybe December's a good month, white wedding..before Christmas? But for sure if one of them files a leave of absence from work, then the wedding bells may be a few blinks away..oh well, just a guess (wink!wink!)

*for more photos and the video: www.pinayads.com

Cheers! =]

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Melrose Fulgencio Website said...

Confirmed na! Congrats to them -- Mar Korina!!! http://www.stir.ph/LM/articles~level2/id-1240798128782_1/ai-null/Mar_and_Korina_confirms_engagement_in_Wowowee.html