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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yup, cooking is a passion in our family =]

Okay, so where do I start coz its been like months that I've been meaning to write about this. Oh well, here it goes..My family has different passions like singing, dancing, travelling, sports, advocacies, etc. But what surprizes most is the foodfest whenever we just want to hang around for the weekend, swimming at the clubhouse, picnics, occasions at home or even instant entertaining for close family friends.

Each has their specialty so to speak and its a given. So every "cooking session" we plan/meeting first (menu, cooking preparations, etc.), list the ingredients/cookwares, head for the supermarket (like an amazing race especially if its an instant get-together), prepare (if need be like if its to be marinated, chop/slice/dice in advance, etc.) and then the show begins (..insert Iron Chef shout here haha!).

Last holidays twas like a ballet of sorts coz even if we focused on our task we help out each other with slicing, dicing, if its seasoned enough, etc. plus the burners, the fridge, the freezer, the oven, even the barbecue corner..almost every kitchen appliance is at work.

So now you might be wondering what do I specialize in whenever there's a gathering..How dare you..haha!

Biko (sticky sweet brown rice); Shrimps sauteed in olive oil and garlic; Bean and Potato Salad; Cold Light Macaroni Salad

Salami, Australian ham, Australian bacon and Prosciutto wrapped in melon slices

Shrimps sauteed in olive oil and garlic; Salad greens with vinaigrette

Tuna pasta (tuna with peeled tomatoes sauteed in olive oil and garlic) topped with parmesan

Well, at home I used to bake brownies, cheesecake, etc. (now my oven's broken..*sigh*), pasta especially tuna with olives (moi sis and cousin doesn't really like capers), herbed scrambled eggs or eggs benedict as I learned from moi Auntie Sally, my chinese vegetable noodles is a win (simple but filling), chili tahong as I learned from moi sis (always have it even for karaoke sessions haha!), etc. but don't get me wrong I am no expert.

As of recent entertaining galores at Auntie Sally's house here in Manila I've been the hors d' ouevres "refiller". About eighty percent of the hors d' ouevres or horses doovers as referred to in Australia are handpicked, packaged and delivered from Sydney..stashed in the pantry or in the freezer. For additional choices then a quick trip to Santi's will solve it.

The cheese fare consists of haloumi cheese (pan fried with a dash of lemon), brie, tasty (edam), blue, camembert and some infused with different flavours ( for example, ones infused with almonds comes preserved in a thin coat of black wax).

The abregana meats consists of australian ham and bacon, prosciutto wrapped in melon slices, salami (oh yeah, it smells but its delsih!), sausages, etc.

The pickled onions, black olives, pickled jerkins, etc. paired with port or brandy is also a usual fare.

Fruitcake doused with port or brandy is also present for the sweet tooths to munch on before or after the dindin.

Anyhoo, that's it for moi uber delayed family food post..my tummy's grumbling from all that taptapin' the keyboard..now where's that choco bagel?

Cheers! =]

*photos from last Christmas (2008), New Year's (2009) and an instant get-together for close family friends (January 4, 2009).


earthlingorgeous said...

Wow! That sounds like a yummy hobby! I wish my dad was still around and healthy he loves to cook too!

Nicely said...

sire, why change the layout into classic? oh well, it doesn't matter at all kasi nabusog naman ako sa dami ng food pics sa latest post mo. oh my, nakakagutom... parang gusto ko ng umuwi ng house at kumain ng kumain ng kumain. lol.

i also love to cook pero laging kulang sa oras. laging busy sa work, extracurricular activities at blog events si ako kaya di ako gaanong nakaka-stay sa bahay. but i will try to cook for my mom and dad this holy week. hindi ko lang sasarapan kasi magtitika kami eh. fasting baga!

have a meaningful holy week, sire!

Azrael Coladilla said...

congrats on the new blog layout template!!!!

Your Majesty_Sire said...

@earthlingorgeous: yup its sort of soothing when you do it with and for your family; miss my poarents too..cheers! =]

@nicely: ahihihi! tnxies its a work in progress ngaun lang kc yan nakayikot mag one year na sabog lols..nice to cook for your family..minsan sqwap tayo ng recipes..cheers! =]

@azrael: yup, sa wakas kahiya naman kc di maayos and time to get serious..mejo lang cheers! =]

canDIshhh said...

Daming food!! Yum!!

Your Majesty_Sire said...

@canDishhh: yup ahihihhi madami din kc kami..cheers! =]