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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moi Oath of Office =]

PUP College of Law Supreme Student Council
Oath of Office

I [state your name], do solemnly swear that I will faithfully and conscientiously fulfill my duties as [position in the student council] of the PUP College of Law Supreme Student Coincil, preserve and defend its Constitution, execute its laws, do justice to every man, consecrate myself to the service of the Nation.

So help me God.

At around 4:00pm on August , 19, 2008, everything became official. We were escorted by no less than our Dean, Atty. Roseller De La Pena [also my law fraternitry/sorority brother], to the Main Building located at Mabini Campus straight to the PUP President's office to take our oath of office. Surprise, even the university's official photographer was there and the whole staff..uber kuehl but the bashful in us was evident with all the blushing and nrevous smiles.

We were so honoured to be graced by PUP President Guevarra who was so intent on personally meeting us. He says the PUP College of Law is very close to his heart because he believes that soon we can make a difference in a national, heck even international level in the field of law, economics, politics, environment, etc.

Indeed its not just lip service because from an old canteen which housed more or less three hundred law students, we have been transferred to the Ninoy Aquino Building..fully airconditioned, library newly renovated and new books to arrive soon..but the pice de resistance was the new College of Law building in the works.

After the quick but meaningful oath taking, we went with the official photographer to list our names and prolly ask for copies. A staff of the President came rushing shortly and told the photographer to print the pictures ASAP because the President wants copies pronto. Wow, major "moment"..pinch me please.

Back at the Dean's office we had pizza, cola and of course..coffee. We immediately asked questions and suggestions.."brainstormed" so to speak which the Dean really appreciated. We're "official" so now we have the authority to "serve"..especially since the bar operations/exams are due soon. More pictures, more laughs..just that it prolly would have been "nicer" if such peeps whom are not "officers" did not butt in and just ate away. Hmn, we're keeping our eyes on you.."posers".

So yeah, after hours..it finally dawned on me..OMG IF ONLY MOI PARENTS WERE STILL ALIVE..but life's not fair so I just have to live with it. Hoping that peeps who've gone ahead "really" can see those they've left behind and even for just one flickering moment..I FERVENTLY WISH THAT THEY ARE PROUD OF ME.

Cheers =]

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