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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PUP Bar Operations..the 300 needs you =]

September is fast approaching and as for law students, graduates especially barristers, and even lawyers for sentimental reasons..its "crunch time"..major like the Olympics.

So I was attasked as an officer of the Student Council to find sponsors for this important event for our dear college of law..and yes, am asking you moi dear friends if you can help in any way. No shame in asking all for mo fellow PUPians.

If you don't know our school, haven't heard or worst doesn't know that we have a law department, well..can't blame you coz it's still a "baby" law school founded in 2001. But am proud to say that we have survived and have produced moral and ethical lawyers.

At present we are at number 16 of all the law schools in the country above MLQU, Lyceum, FEU [no offense meant po just stating the facts as circulated by the Supreme Court]. Our passing rate is 333.3% one of the highest again in the land..even if we have no complete set of SCRA [law reference books], no free internet/WIFI, no computers [sooo true], heck, we pass on our books or schedule them so that everyone can recite. Those who have pc's at home or can afford to buy books share them..no questions asked..yes, we are one [less than 300] family [teary-eyed] "eke the day" is more of "eke the semester"..so true.

I wish, hope and pray that we have an almost perfect society so that the marginalized may partake of education same with those who can afford private schools..but life is unfair and we have to face reality. Yes, we are a "state university" but we lack funds..ergo, what we do or contribute is gratis et amore. Experience is the best teacher and noone can better "help" than those who have "experienced" such struggle in all aspects regarding school life.

What I am saying is, please support us..every sunday of September..food, tables and chairs, tents, buy a PUP Bar Operations t-shirt, etc. in exchange for you dear folks, you may advertise on our bar site.

You must support, join and "experience" this glorious event in our lives..the mental, physical, spiritual "Olympics" of a law student's/gradute's/barrister's/lawyer's life. With open arms..I welcome you all. Its no joke, every year, every participant nor just an onlooker tells us that even just the "vibes" at the site is "incredible".

Enough said, am not ashamed to say am emotional regarding this..please dear friends, voulez vous?

Cheers =]

pm moi for moi digits po, merci beaucoup =]

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