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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

September..BAR exams eeeeeee... =]

Every September in a law student's/graduate's life is an emotional, stressful, haunting exprerience. Every Sunday of that whole month you are put to the test [two subjects; one in the am and one in the pm]..a test of endurance, intelligence, will power..like the Olympics for mind benders. This year there's more pressure because we have forty or so barristers..the most we have to help hurdle such an ordeal.

Supposedly I was one of them..effin' legal profession prof..nipped moi chance to finish on time, but things don't happen without any reason [to each there is a season]. Most examiners are moi batchmates, friends and even those who have lingered coz of "financial" constraints..finally to face the music.

Not to brag, but we have 33.3% passing rate..one of the highest in the country and to date, top 16 law school, above MLQU, FEU, etc. [pushing to be on the top ten list]. We started only in 2001 but have produced ethical and moral lawyers even if we're "poor" so to speak. We've come a long way..indeed "money" is not what it takes to succeed..nothing beats hard work, determination and prayers..lots and lots of prayers.

I am emotional when it comes to our college because as Dean De La Pena said yesterday, we are in the best position to "help" our fellow PUPians because we have "experienced" what it is to "lack", to "struggle", to "make do with"..to "book-alike", to "eat lugaw refills", to "endure" long lines in enrollment and paying tuitions..of being "poor".

Hard to get by when you were used to being in a "private" school so to speak. Culture shock was what welcomed me few years back. But you know what, it has taught me a lot of things..was a blessing I was hurled out of moi "comfort zone" so to speak. I learned to reason out, to speak my mind, to stand for what I believe in, to value money, to accept that in life there are no permanent enemies but just changing needs, to be a "boitch" hahahaha..that last part took years.

Anyhoo, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I just hope, wish and pray that the government would really support our education system..not just lip service. Darn politicians who just build, rebuild monuments/statues and "tile" roads just so they can leave a "legacy?" The most important legacy is to have "served" and it will be/is ingrained in the minds of the peeps whom have voted for you..even those who did not.

So to this year's batch of barristers I share to you moi motto..

"AUDE ALIQUID DIGNUM"..Dare things that are worthy..ONE PUP COLLEGE OF LAW..

Cheers =]

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