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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Habla espanol? Llevame Contigo..=]

Was supposed to review flicks last saturday, [actually just two] from the 7th PELICULA Spanish Filmfest in Greenbelt 3 by Instituto Cervantes Manila [Oct. 1 to 12, 2008]..Criminal Law review went over time and so, ditched the movie review..which resulted in another blog post/s so to speak [read previous not so sweet blog].

Anyhoo, tomorrow or should I say later, I shall troop down GB3 and as luck would have it both flicks are to be shown one after the other.."Concursante" [the contestant] and "La Caja" [the box]..4 to 7pm and 7 to 9pm respectively.

"Concursante" is about a game show..["place link here of which I forgot..will edit later"]
"La Caja" is an animation about two dudes..[place link from youtube here of w/c I shall add later']

So, any of you peeps have the time to spare tomorrow..Kalashivorous, Akosimhe, Akomodelo, Crashandburn..YOU yeah you..you know who you are peeps..just holler..yah got meh digits mateys..

..coz I don't know how to commute FROM GB3..the how to commute TO GB3 yes i know..the TRAIN, take the train..its like a mantra already..come with me..COME with me ["llevame contigo"] would be a better choice.

Plus, this wil be my last post before HELL week este, finals next week and I've EVENT/S [yeah, you guys know it already..the wild hair, the freakin' boots, the leather gloves, the HORROR..ahihihi].

Cheers =]

*PM or SMS before lunch time hokie peeps..double kisses..mwah..mwah bye =]

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