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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wine Tasting..Rene Barbier..=]

"It all started when a French winemaker moved to Spain..."

Oh, the perks of blogging..last night {October 9, 2008] we were treated to a basic seminar on wine tasting..perfectly balanced, elegant selection, critically reknowned Rene Barbier.

From vineyard picks, to storing wines, to differentiating between old and new world wines, to the techniques of opening a bottle of a red as well as champagne..truly informative/educational..

..oh yeah, the wine tasting..

1. CLASSIC MERLOT + TEMPRANILLO - An RB CLassic for those who love the fruity taste and soft texture of the popular Merlot grape. Combined with the toffeeish Tempranillo grape, this vintaged wine is a delight. Aged in oak barrels, it has fruity aromas and soft touches of cherry and plums on the palate.

2. PREMIUM CABERNET SAUVIGNON AND CHARDONNAY - inspired from old worl wines, RB fused the art of winemaking traditions of France and Spain, It offers a rich and powerful wine experience. It has vivid aromas because it is matured in American and French oak barrels..and has won awards in Europe and Asia.

3. CAVA - evokes the spirit of it mother company, Freixenet. Made from Macabeo, Parellada, and Xarello, this wine underwent the same exacting and rigorous techniques and methos used by the greatest Champagne and Cava brands to make a sparkling wine of impeccable quality. It is bottle-aged for almost two years, producing a clean and delicate Cava yet rich in flavour. It is crisp with an interesting floral note and mouh-pleasing sensation of creaminess.

4. PETILLANT RED [ROSE] - an elegant wine with a perfectly clear raspberry pink colour. Its fine pearly bubbles persist as foam in the glass. It has fruity aromas of strawberry and raspberry. Soft on the palate, the fruity taste is intensified by the light bubbles, making it even more refreshing

..that was what I've tried..and the last two wines were moi fave. Couple that with food from Fish and Co....plus great friends/fellow bloggers..twas a great chillax time before moi finals week.

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