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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Of cosplay dramus/wars.. =X

I concur to a recent blog post of moi anorexia sister..

Sponsors should also respect that cosplay is not a marketing strategy..if indeed they'd like to use it as such, then they should incorporate thematic concepts and facilities for cosplayers..[hello visualize this..its hard to transport and/or *pee in costume noh].

I went to the book fair which personally, was also surprised why they included cosplay. If there was a theme for such book fair..it would have been fun and challenging to cosplay book characters..[no offense to anime characters] for a change.

Cosplayers should also be aware of what cosplay events they enter/join. Personally, SAGRADO ang cosplay..not like some karinderia opening tapos magiinclude ng cosplay pupunta naman tayo..wag ganun. Don't get me wrong, I really admire cosplayers..I just don't like it when they are being used just to market a certain establishment or product..be it a fastfood resto, a theme park, a book fair, a mall store opening..there i said it, that's as brutally frank and frankly brutal as I can get.

Cosplayers should not be divided into "factions"..should be one community..a family so to speak. Walang basagan ng trip..if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.."expensively made" or not.."ukay-ukay" find or "tailor-made"..di man kamukha, di man uber gaya..RESPECT EACH OTHER..

Cosplay is an art, a hobby, a passion..utmost and mutual RESPECT should be given to the cosplayers, organizers, sponsors, photographers..the whole community. Without it the FUN part dissolves..or dare I say turns into a user/sourgraper/stalker brouhaha like what's happening now on certain social accounts.

*Nota Bena: Waging war/irking peeps/annoying peeps/sourgraping..is no solution especially if you do not face up to it. I mean FTW..you are confused or something. At the end of the day you'll still feel "alone". Really, kids these days..are we breeding a new generation of "wanna be stalkers"? Walang basagan ng trip.."hobby" nga eh..AYSOWS..

Cheers =]

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