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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Abstaining from Shark fin soup and Squalene products..forwarded but informative =]

Sent: Wed Sep 17 15:03:41 2008
Subject: Sharks Fin Soup and squalene

Hey Guys

Sorry to depress you with these photos.. they were taken in Donsol, Sorsogon (whale shark habitat), just two weeks ago by my friend Omar. The finned sharks are thresher, hunted by the hundreds..

The pink stuff in the bucket are little pieces of shark liver (from dog sharks) for squalene. Pictured here are the liver from some 1,000 + dogsharks that were caught..they live at least 2 fathoms deep..

This is the way the fishermen earn in the off season..they sell it to middle men who bring it to Taiwan and Hong Kong. Ive seen firsthand the hunting of dog shark and finning in Sorsogon and even Siargao but I am certain in happens everywhere..

What we can DO is raise awareness..

Thought you might like to shock some of your friends into ABSTAINING from Shark Fin Soup and Squalene products and better yet..to boycott establishments that sell them.

please forward if you wish

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