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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

OtakonEK meme..=]

here's the crazy rule answer all the questions and then post it in your blog. then TAG any of your friends and tell them to copy the questions and rules here,... and then TAG others too. use the official title of this meme, just copy the title of this post, and edit out all my answers and replace it with your answer.. and then post it in your blog.
if you have posted it in your blog, feel free to share your post here in the comments box in order for us to see your answers... just a link love and sharing :)


OtakonEK Questions

1. Your first Anime: Voltes V, Macross, Mazinger Z kaso sandali lang..was prevented from watching it coz my mom said it was violent

2. First convention attended: Mangaholix

3. Favorite character
for comics - Justice League, Wonder woman
for anime - Sailor Moon

4. Your first cosplay
secret na malupit

5. What character you want to cosplay
basta villain na malupit ang costume

6. Have you been to Enchanted Kingdom ? How many times?
Yes, at least once a year..usually vacation like Xmas or sembreak

7. First theme ride you want to go at OtakonEK in Enchanted Kingdom
Roller coaster

8. The theme park ride you love and hate
Anchors away coz its fun and exciting but sometimes I feel like I'd slip

9. Have you visited our website www.enchantedkingdom.com.ph/otakonek ?
What can you say about the event audio ad? hehehehe

Yes, of course. I loved the audio for OtakonEK would love to have it as a message tone

10. Character you want to see in real life.
Justice Leagues characters, Star Wars, X-men..pero please yung talagang kahawig at least ha please

11. Comics or Animation ?

12. Swords or Guns?

13. Cute Big eyes or Evil Small eyes

14. Soft Cell or Pink Pineapple ?

15. Manga translated into english or not ?
Not translated..it loses its essence..learn the language if you really love Manga hehe

16. English dub or Japanese dub with English subtitles?

Japanese dub with english subtitles so it won't lose its essence

17. Favorite moment in comics or animation.
Dami eh..Death of Supreman onwards

18. Have you own before any comics and anime notebooks?
Yes, puro Justice League kahit nasa law school na..appropriate din kasi di ba haha

19. Did you collect that anime laminated photo card ?
Yes, Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z..mga nabibili nuon sa Greenhills pag nagaarcade haha

20. Now tag your friend and tell them to repost and answer the questions hehehee.

See you all in OtakonEK on Sept. 28.

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