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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

.MOV excerpts..for those who think its boring read muna =]

TRIBUTE.MOV premieres the new films and presents the early works of local digital indie heroes: Kidlat Tahimik, Roxlee, & Lav Diaz. Roxlee’s graphic novel “Planet Of The Noses”, Kidlat Tahimik’s DVD “Perfumed Nightmare”, and Lav Diaz’s soundtrack CD “Impiyerno” will also be launched.

The Brockas will be scoring the silent short films of Kidlat Tahimik, Roxlee, and Lav Diaz.

FILMCONCERT.MOV screens Pinoy classics by Manuel Conde, Gerardo De Leon, Jose Climaco, and Carlos Vander Tolosa accompanied with new live soundtracks by Pedicab, Queso, The Brockas, & Radioactive Sago Project.

Pedicab will do Conde's "Genghis Khan". Sago will do the Pugo&Togo comedy classic "Biglang Yaman." Etcetera.

WORKSHOP.MOV offers Rotterdam International Film Festival programmer Gertjan Zuilhof (“Celebrating the End of Cinema”), Slovenian film critic Nika Bohinc, Kidlat Tahimik (“Sariling Duende”), Roxlee (“Digital Animation”), and Lav Diaz (“Coffee Q&A”).

The workshops will be complemented by equally inspiring facilitators such as Quark Henares, Tado Jimenez, Alexis Tioseco, Ramon Bautista, and Erwin Romulo.

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