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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

aubergine in sauteed shrimp paste with a dollop of kalamansi =]

Woke up earlier than usual coz logged off early too [before 1am hehe]. Been feeling under the weather this past "month" coz of let downs in law school, gigs which didn't quite work out and the feeling of losig valuable time stuff

Anyhoo, moi waterloo is food so to speak..moi sis cooked one of her famous dish albeit simple as it may seem..aubergine in sauteed shrimp paste [dollops of kalamansi if you prefer]..YUMMYness in a plate

So, been plurking and moi buddies there are nyorkers already about this dish..will post pics and the recipes soon..BUT not the secret procedure of course..anyway its a simple and practical dish which anyone can cook

GTG, eat away moi blues..goodbye diet..

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