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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cafe Moments and Warehouse 135 closing for renovation =]

*invite credits: Indulgence Cafe
*photo credits [Indulgence Cafe photos] reallyjuice.com

February 25, 2009, the much-awaited uber how-many-times-reschduled exclusive Indulgence Cafe/Resto review started around 7:00pm and ended a tad before 10:00pm. OMG is what I can muster as in [yet again] for their former branch in Ortigas was moi and moi sister's fave hangout during moi sophomore year in law school coz the place is not only conjusive to studying but the food is nothing short of glorious. Am so blessed to be part of its team all thanks to Leira Pagaspas as well as to "fate" as Master Diwa de Leon put it.

After the scrumptous meal and heavenly desserts at Indulgence Cafe we trooped to Warehouse 135 for its final party before its renovation. So stuffed, I was so sleepy and just sat there wondering if the sugar rush has "crashed" already haha coz my mind was all blank. Ryan Joson just danced the night away [prolly thats how the glorious meal affected her haha sugar high much *banana dance*] with fellow bloggers Jayvee Fernandez, Fritz Tentativa, etc. [sowee the uber sugar rush/crash was more potent than the vodka for me to remeber..but will soon edit this post promise].

Anyhoo, Ryan and I stayed at McDee's from 3:00am til 6:00am, talk about major bonding time happy time extended to the max haha.

Cheers =]

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