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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Get Lost: Manila Street Atlas =]

*invites credit: Manila Street Atlas and FullyBooked.com
*photo credits: pinayads.com

If you're geographically-challenged like me [almost born without a an internal compass hehe] then you should grab a copy of Manila Street Atlas. It is compact, concise..user-friendly not just for people who have adequate transportation daily but for commuters as well.

The launch was held at Top Shelf, Fully Booked BHS. I went with Iris, Leira and Omar [uber true blogger friends], and were encouraged to join the "Get Lost Challenge" finding tagged invites for awesome prizes from the many levels of the bookstore [bloggers got three out of the four tagged invites from the second floor..I stayed to watch their belongings besides I already won a fabulous trip early in the aftee hehe] and the sample use of the Street Atlas. Premium prizes were given away by Fully Booked and San Miguel beer.

Speaking of SMB, there was also a "taste test" of their newly improved brewskies during the event presented by gorgeous female models haha. I especially like the one in the green bottle uber smooth and crisp.

Cheers =]


ohmski said...

o dba ang saya?! para akong nagkaroon ng 3 gf dun bgla. hehe

Your Majesty_Sire said...

@ ohmski: yeah bro, heaven for you all throughout..cheers! =]