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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Isaland Cove Blogeveturers =]

*invite credits: Island Cove and Yehey.com; *photo credits: pinayads.com

Island Cove in coopertion with Yehey.com invited thirty [30] bloggers to partake on a different kind of event..sort of like an Amazing Race. We were informed a good number of days to prepare and a link or a mini-website was placed wherein a few information about each participant can be viewed..as well as the answer to "What's your winning factor?"

Needless to say a few went to the gym, went on a diet, did yoga and had swimming workouts before the event..some even had the flu or leg sprain a week before the event. Too much excitement I guess hehe.

I arrived first [fearing to be late and I live in Q.C.], had at least two hours sleep due to the excitement and the last minute Obsessive Compulsive thingy gong-on wether I packed the right stuff or whatever haha. The meet-up was at The Fort 7:30am and we were given coffee and donuts as we await the other bloggers to arrive. Past 9:00am we were on Island Cove's shuttles and was driven off to Kawit, Cavite.

Upon arrival we were treated warmly by the Island Cove staff and the briefing started with Yehey.com peeps while we were served a breakfast of jumbo hotdog sandwhich and fresh orange juice [yummeh]. I was having second thoughts about wolfing down the enormous hotdog sandwhich coz we still don't know what we were about to do. Oh well, better have a full stomach than go hungry while doing "phsyical tasks" so to speak.

After the great breakfast we were grouped into teams, met our tour guide and then scooted off to tour the many exciting and educational areas/facilities of Island Cove. It was a mix of butterflies, birds, ostrich, monkeys at first, then the paintball area [woohoo], swimming pool, large chess board, basketball court, floating nipa huts etc. [will post photos soon]

Our group arrived first for lunch, uber delish native fare..I especially liked the fresh fruits for dessert..all al fresco style nothing short of a real out-of-town treat.

After lunch we were briefed for the "physical tasks/challenge", we had our respective Yehey.com marshalls..the blood bath began ahahahahaha. The first challenge required us to run up and down, to and fro the many hotel rooms in search of the door with the special sign. Next [in no particular order now coz everything's a blur but twas a real blast hahaha..] the large chess, the photo ops "kiss the baby croc", the eating challenge [not the right combo food if I may say so..ampalaya juice, kuhol, frog's leg, spicy carrot juice just to name a few], the sack race, kayak/pool slide combo, karaoke challenge, the bike [OMG the bike-cramps-galore-ride hahaha], search for the other-side-of-the-mask.wwaaahh can't remember evrything haha..it all ended in the biggest floating nipa hut where though exhausted, everyone was all smiles.

While tallying the score we took our much deserved showers and just chillaxed for awhile at the designated rooms. Refreshed we went to the biggest floating nipa hut again to have snacks, awarding ceremonies and the message by former Congressman Gilbert Remulla..their family owns Island Cove.

After all the photo/camwhoring hehe..boarded the shuttles again, [moi and Joriben boarded the car of Yehey.com's Laszlo..tnxies boss Laszlo hehe] tired but with big smiles on our faces.

Oh yeah, some bloggers plus moi still went straight to Gateway to watch the premiere of Watchmen..but that's on my next post.

Thank you to Island Cove, see you again soon [we truly shall return] and Yehey.com congrats for another great event.

Cheers =]

*[will add more photos soon]

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