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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Company..Group Hug =]

*invite credits: The Company and Jasmine Malone =]
*photo credits: Carl Valenzona

After the SM Marikina WiFi testing event I was "dragged" by Ria, Leira, Ryan, Jonel and Carl to go to The Fort to watch Ryan's cousin who's a member of The Company. We had dindin at TGIF's BHS first courtesy of Carl..Jonel and Ria had to go home already [awww..]. Needless to say it was much needed chillax time and a great bonding experience.

We trooped to the concert and was so taken by the uber khuel performance of The Company..they have never changed their "sound" so to speak..much better live if I may say so moiself! The rapport with the audience was really refreshing and fun..everyone sang, danced and just had lots of positive vibes. We got to meet and greet the group and have ultra mega photos as well..some have yet to be uploaded hehe!

All in all, good food, good music, good friends..equals really great time!

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