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Monday, March 30, 2009

Heavenly Chocolates..Indeed! =]

*invite credits: Heavenly Chocolates and Chocolatier Benjamin Pedro; *photo credits: pinayads.com

It has been three long weeks since the e-mailed invite and it was worth the wait. Chocolatier Benjamin Pedrostarted off with a brief history of chocolates from the Mayans (500 A.D.) who used Cacao beans as currency; the Aztecs (15000) when Hernan Cortez met Montezuma and brought the Cacao-Elite lifestyle to Europe to the present.

Caco (theobroma Cacao) cocoa plant; "food of the gods"; from the Aztec language word of "Cacahuati". The choco-tasting started from Champagne Sachi/Chocolate Nama (better than Royce hehe!), a bit of Peru (which was mild with a hint of dry flowers), but I liked Mexico harsh and intense. Ivory Coast has basic taste; Madagascar has fruity notes and Ecuador of smooth and intense cocoa taste are also available at their shop along Roces Avenue perpendicular to Tomas Morato in Quezon City.

The flavour factors as shared to us by mr. Pedro depends on the following factors: Bean variety; Cimate and Altitiude; Harvest Technique; Roasting Practices; Conching Process; Flavour Release and of course, Personal Mood. The important process starts from the Harvesting, Fermenting and then the Drying..from from the farm, to the cocoa processor to its Tempering (preferred liquid, semi-liquid and solid form).

Sugar rush indeed..worth every gram of it! Its a must for all chocolate lovers and to convert non-chocolate lovers to drop by and have a taste of Heavenly Chocolates.

Cheers! =]

*For Chocolate Seminars and other inquiries: Heavenly Chocolates is located at Roces Ave. perpendicular to Tomas Morato St. Q.C.

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