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Sunday, March 15, 2009

E-Heads the Final Set =]

*invite credits: markus highway; photo credits: ed arevalo [musicrator.com] and mark cerbo

Gold-A invites/pass, went with ed, leira and ryan..saw mark, rg etc. at the concert grounds. Uber Beatle Mania-like concert just couldn't pass it up. A word of caution though many lurks to just slash bags, pick pockets, etc. so we didn't use our cellphones and dslrs that much..safety first. The place was jampacked..oh yeah I got nervous getting swished especially when the fabulous stage fireworks ensued and the crowd went wild woohoo. Twas a tearjerker moment when the crowd shouted Francis M. and E-Heads paid tribute to The Master Rapper.

It rained with colourful confetti on the VIP section but we were busy looking at the other side coz of the simultaneous fireworks and the final [many thought so] song was being played. Many thought it was over but we knew better haha..three songs for the road woohoo.

We ate by the bay before proceeding to the after concert party coz traffic was hell and we anticipated we'll walk [but we hailed a cab haha] to Hotel Sofitel. The after concert was laid back..just being there was worth it. Saw J.R.M. and brother Roadfill [Moymoy Palaboy]. Was texted to proceed to Saguijo but really we were poofed beyond our wits.

A really great experiece shared with true friends..memorable indeed.

Cheers =]

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