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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Watchmen premiere =]

*invite credits: Joriben Zaballa; photo credits: az coladilla

After the uber khuel amazing race-like event at Island Cove we went straight to Gateway to watch the premiere of the much-awaited Watchmen..[I had bangs since summer 2008 in anticipation for Silk Spectre haha].

I was in awe at the effects, thge fast paced scenes, the depth of the treatment of the cinematography..but on the down side I don't see the point why MTRCB had to edit/cut the bed scene part when all the blood and gore was left untouched hehe.

Much to our surprize "Ros" watched too haha [see the photos]. Will watch again for sure before the allotted screening ends..sure would have been great if it was shown on IMAX but again, that's moi opinion.

Cheers =]

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