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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Indulgence Cafe..uber delish evrytime =]

*invite credits: Indulgence Cafe and Leira Pagaspas
*photo credits: reallyjuice.com and pinayads.com

What can I say, moi initial visit for an exclusive solo food review [I still haven't uploaded moi photos..will edit soon promise] flodded me with happy memories of when moi and moi sister would visit their former Ortigas branch during moi sophomore year in law school. We have been meaning but really haven't tried the Makati branch coz we live in Q.C.

Jump to the present, during moi initial visit uber khuel exclusive invites for bloggers and foodies were asked to be coursed thru moi so to speak [I am not an expert don't get me wrong..but a passion for good food may be the keyword] plus the owner was then again apprehensive of tapping the blogging community. There was an incident when they invited more than a dozen but only a few showed up. They chose particular bloggers for the initial group food/establishment review. The invites are approved by the owner, composed of three to four once a week, on a day when there is no booked event.

If you were invited and you declined then you are already scratched from the week's list. A second invite depends on the owner solely. So far only a handful had experienced to be "Indulged" and are now full-pledged "addicts" haha.

Upcoming events will start after the scheduled renovation.

*So the next time you get an sms regarding a "review" grab the chance for its truly worth it. Personally, I will vouch that mere photos and testimonials will not suffice.. you have to experience Indulgence.

Cheers =]


earthlingorgeous said...

Oh my really an indulgence look at those yum yum deserts!

Your Majesty_Sire said...

@ earthlingorgeous: yeah sis, better if you experience being Indulged..cheers! =]