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Monday, March 16, 2009

Fish and Co.: Malay Coco Fish..One Bite and You're Hooked =]

*invite credits: Fish and Co. and Yehey.com
*photo credits: pinayads.com

I received an uber khuel e-mail [yet again..keep it coming hehe] from Yehey.com to join "Fish and Co.'s Prep Up The Platter Challenge". Uber pressure coz the e-mail required to submit ingredients within the weekend and I was O.C.-ing coz food is my family's greatest passion. Moi sis [the better cook] helped me with gathering Malaysian dishes that I was assigned..compiled from appetizers, main fare to dessert. Sent e-mail complete with procedures [yeah, O.C.-ing much haha].

March 12 bloggers trooped to Fish and Co.'s Shangri-la Mall branch without a clue [nervous as heck..will they make us cook?] what to expect but excited as ever..Yehey.com has been "Amazing Race" influenced these days haha. We were given our designated country-sash..camwhored of course..then we were given a a modest amount to purchase a list of ingredients at the supermarket downstairs.

Imagine, we ran to the supermarket sash and all..the look on the people's faces were awesome haha and the supermarket attendants were flabbergasted. After purchasing all the ingredients we dashed back to Fish and Co. and were tasked to "pimp up" the platter ala-Malaysian, Philadelphia, Indian and Japanese style.

Our platting prowess were awakened..[read riot galore haha] as we cut, sliced, poked, wrapped, dissolve, spooned with the sauces and garnish. Anything goes and it was sooo fun. the end result was..uhm look at the photos hehe. Team Philadelphia won but everyone went home well-fed, brimming with smiles with the new "experience" and with great prizes.

Indeed Fish and Co. is the home of the "Best Fish and Chips in Town"..the food is good and fresh, because it is a division of Fish and Co. Restaurants Pte. Ltd. and Oceana Seafood Pte. Ltd. whose main business is is procurement and distribution of fish and seafood. Their fish takes about 15minutes to fry and about 25 to gently grill served straight in a pan], influenced by the Mediterranean fishermen's treatment of seafood. Natural ingredients like olive oil, herbs and various spices add up to complete their not-your-usual-breadcrumbed-soaked-in-oil fish and chips.

I recommend everyone to feed your fish and chips cravings and more [I sooo lurve their Calamari and Seafood Curry] this summer and get "hooked" with their continental seafood fare "Fish Around The World Platter..Malaysian, Philadelphia, Indian and Japanese flavours in one glorious platter.

And oh yeah, do comment galore on this post please..much appreciated.

Cheers =]

*For more "fishy" info visit: www.fish-co.com/main.htm


earthlingorgeous said...

Yeah the look on the people's faces was priceless what 'da? uber tiny beauty queens? LOL! It was uber fun talaga and very filling :)

Abbie said...

Team Malaysia rocks! lol. I love coconut milk! :)

jp / john paul / paul said...

nakakainggit naman... hehehe

Jon said...

wee! andaming pix! :)

leira said...

great post!!!!

Your Majesty_Sire said...

@ earthlingorgeous: yeah sis, invasion of the mini queens haha..cheers! =]

@ abbie: yeah sis, malay coco fish for the win..cheers! =]

@ jp: yeah bro, your office hours suck haha..cheers! =]

@ jon: yeah bro, super camwhoring galore..cheers! =]

@ leira: tnxies sis..cheers! =]