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Monday, March 23, 2009

Jane Goody dies of Cervical Cancer at 27

Jane Goody who became famous in 2002 when she joined the British version of "Big Brother," died of cervical cancer yesterday at the age of 27. She received her diagnosis during the filming of an Indian version of "Celebrity Big Brother" in 2008..it was all captured on film. The progress of her illness was always in the papers and on tv..even her surgery and chemotherapy.

I cannot stress this enough..[for anyone who reads my posts..especially those posts with a cause and not just events-related], to understand the depth of my eagerness, the reason why I make it a point to attend and help in any way with such advocacies because I know and coupled with prayers such posts are venues to inform and God-willing save a life.

Cervical Cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide, with 500,000 new cases and 250,000 deaths reported each year. Over 80percent of cases in developing countries including the Philippines, where it is ranked as the second most common cancer afflicting Filipino women. Yet few women realize that cervical cancer is actually treatable if diagnosed early.

Cervical cancer is caused by a persistent infection with cancer-causing Human Papilloma Virus [HPV]. However, a single infection may take 10 to 30 years to progress to cancer, which gives a woman ample time to visit her doctor to combat this killer disease.

Prevention through the Single Visit Approach [SVA] and Vaccination is highly recommended.

Please help spread the word and better yet come and join us..remember, cancer not only affects the patient but also the lives of those who are dear to them.

Godbless and Cheers =]

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